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Spilling: always on the team with its customers.

The Spilling employees do not just view themselves as a strong team within the company, these experts also build and retain a trustworthy relationship with their customers, which is at all times geared to sustainable success. 

Whether it's processing a project, manufacturing or services – Spilling customers can rely fully on the extensive expertise of the Spilling and the personal commitment of each individual. So it's little wonder that so many companies have remained loyal to Spilling already for many years. 

When may we welcome you at Spilling?

Spilling uplifts innovations to corporate culture.

In the over 100 years of its history, Spilling has always remained a small business with family character. This also helps explain the strong motivation of the Spilling team. The employees identify themselves with the company and its unique products. They advance the further product development and work on meaningful additions at all times. Ultimately Spilling has always seen itself as an innovative company that takes its own independent technical route. 

This comprises, besides the further development of the reciprocating engine to modern expansion machines, also the product line expansion to include single and multi-stage steam turbines. The result: a versatile steam power portfolio with efficient solutions for the most diverse range of industrial and municipal operators.

Spilling Worldwide

Spilling has been supplying sustainable energy systems all over the world since 1950. Spilling has successfully implemented countless projects with its customers on all continents.

Sustainability and environmental protection

And Spilling also assumes responsibility when its comes to the environment: The company contributes valuably to saving resources and reducing CO2 emissions with its products for decentral energy generation in the sector of combined heat and power plants, for converting biomass into electricity and for heat recovery.

The history of Spilling in brief. 

Sale of the CHP unit division PowerTherm® Energie Systeme GmbH and focus of Spilling on steam power plants and expansion machines. Miturbo Umwelttechnik GmbH and BioCycle Beteiligung GmbH become equal partners of the company.

BioCycle Beteiligungen GmbH becomes a shareholder of Spilling Energie Systeme. Christian Ancker takes over the in leadership of
the company.

The turbine business of the Miturbo Group is relocated from Northrhine Westfalia to Hamburg and integrated in Spilling. Spilling now offers both steam engines and steam turbines from one source.

Spilling is a 100% subsidiary of Miturbo Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG and operates under the new name Spilling Energie Systeme GmbH. In the course of the reorganisation, Spilling expands its product line to include the gas engine CHP unit PowerTherm®
with the output range of 20 kWel. 

Spilling introduces dry-run technology in all steam engine design series.

From 1978
The Spilling engines continue to be developed further and used in the natural gas supply business to utilise the pressure gradient between pipeline and consumer grid.

Spilling builds the first steam compressor.

From 1950
Spilling builds combined heat and power plants worldwide; Spilling engines are used in over 50 countries.

1945 to 1950
Development of the Spilling modular steam engine as a flexible drive for generators and processing machines.

1930 to 1945
Continued development of the open steam engine to the encapsulated steam engine with forced oil lubrication.

1918 to 1936
Spilling designs and builds new reciprocating steam engines for the propulsion of ships.

The Spilling family take over the company.

Founding of the company as a marine engine repair shop at Kleiner Grasbrook in Hamburg's free port area.

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